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Alva is on a mission to create a fair and efficient job market for all. We aim to help companies redefine what makes a candidate "great" and escape the trap of conventional hiring.

The reality that candidates face when trying to find relevant job opportunities, and hiring organizations face when trying to fill those opportunities, is bleak. Candidates rarely get to show their full potential, and organizations tend to make decisions on suboptimal factors. This leads to high fail rates, biases and poor experiences.

We aim to build an iconic company that will make a dent in history β€” make an impact on millions of candidates and thousands of teams and organizations around the world. To succeed, Alva needs to be the change-maker in the job market and move mountains by offering the best solution available.

This is an ambitious mission, and we are up against powerful forces. Not only are we fighting a steady stream of new and well-funded entrants going after the same market, but predominantly, we are fighting deeply ingrained beliefs of what great looks like after decades and decades of hiring biases and sloppy and inefficient execution. This is a major drag on efficiency and fairness in the job market, and Alva’s mission is to fix this.

How we will win.

We will win by having the best possible team that shares this ambition and obsession to make this impact on the job market and be part of an exciting company-building journey. We won’t have a fighting chance without hard work and putting the best possible team on the problem, where the best talent work, collaborate, and push forward together. Our team's quality and determination fully determine our company's success. We want everyone who works at Alva today to think back at this time as one of the most exciting, challenging, and formative experiences in our careers. We want Alva to be a company where you are impressed and inspired by your colleagues, where we work on solving big hairy problems with extraordinary people, learn a lot, and have a blast doing so.

Our company values are the behaviors and skills that are valued in our fellow colleagues. It is our recipe for making a great team come together and work exceptionally well together. We will, as a company, reward and promote based on this.

Alva Values

πŸ— Worthy of trust πŸ—

We earn the trust of each other, our candidates, and our customers by being honest, fair, and accurate in what we do.

πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Raise the bar πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ

We want to constantly improve and be better. We judge our work using our own pride as a bar for quality. If you are proud of your work, it will probably be at the level others expect.

🧳 Embrace the journey 🧳